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Old 20-08-2005, 22:16
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MOT failure, perished tyre valve.

A mate just called and said his Hayabusa failed its first MOT test today because there was evidence of cracking / perishing of the rubber front tyre valve. Apparently the tester said they are now required to bend the rubber tyre valves backwards and forwards and look for any signs of cracks in the rubber, as there was a case reported of an accident when a bikes front tyre blew out because the rubber valve was found to be cracked / perished.

My mate doesn't know if the tyre fitters replaced the valves when he last had new tyres fitted as he left the bike with them while he went shopping, but in the future it is advisable if we always specify and check that new valves are used when ever new tyres are fitted.

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Old 20-08-2005, 22:25
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When you get a new tyre fitted the tyre fitter should not have to be told to fit a new valve, it should be done as part and parcel of fitting the new tyre if they dont, get your next new tyre fitted some where else.Jack
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Old 20-08-2005, 23:50
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Last year, I had a tyre that kept loosing air, yep it was the tyre valve and they have always been replaced with new tyres.

I recon it's because they are so difficult to get an air line on to check that they get bent over every time and eventually split. So now I try and use the air lines without the rigid extention on them because they are so difficult to use on the bike.
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