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Old 21-06-2013, 16:56
shipm8 shipm8 is offline
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Power Commander 2 for which model

Recently ended up with two Power Commander 2's which were advertised for a 99/2000 VFR 800.
When I attempted to fit them to my Fix I noticed that my ECU requires two
female connectors from the PC and so could not connect up as both PC's I bought have one male and one female!!!
Have I ended up with two paper weights or is my bike different for some reason.

After an email back fm those kind people at PC, it seems I was too hasty in trying to fit the unit, not realising that you only remove the grey block and connect up in series.......!!!!

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Old 21-06-2013, 21:24
marks152 marks152 is offline
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Is that not correct. i could be mistaken but I would assume you unplug the male connector from the ecu and fit that into the female connector on the PC and then the male connector on the PC goes to the ECU. Please bear in mind ive never seen a PC or the ECU plugs but that would be my "guess" how it would go.
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Old 22-06-2013, 19:10
North Face North Face is online now
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Originally Posted by shipm8 View Post
Recently ended up with two Power Commander 2's which were advertised for a 99/2000 VFR 800.
Did you buy both of the ones on eBay? If you want to sell one on, I'd be interested
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