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Old 21-06-2008, 08:23 PM
bmwmonkeyboy bmwmonkeyboy is offline
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Default k1200s clutch

hello i'm new on here and was wondering if any one else has the same problem as i do! I bought a new K1200s three years ago when they were first launched and had loads of issues which where delt with, apart from one!!
The clutch was defective and i had another 3 fitted over 24000 miles. When you let the clutch out to take up the power on pulling away the clutch/bike would judder until clutch was fully engaged.

BMW Wollaston motors, fitted in total 3 new clutches, and they all did the same.

After Xmas this year i decided to change the bike for a new 08 K1200s. Although i had the dodgy clutch i loved the power and comfort and looks of the beemer.

And guess what this one is doing the same as the first one(not as bad). Is it me or is there anyone else having the same type of concern?
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Old 22-06-2008, 05:36 PM
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Peter Rycroft Peter Rycroft is offline
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welcome aboard!

I had a new clutch at 6000 - it was very noisy on release but didn't judder as you describe. I have had no problems since - very smooth now.

All of the clutch/gear change issues I spotted when I first bought the bike have gone away over the past 16000 miles. The new clutch helped but also getting used to the bike and using the clutch as designed - it operates over a very short range - really helped. It also helps if you are on the power when you shift - not good around town atall!

Whatever though - still an awesome bike.
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Old 23-06-2008, 07:37 PM
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My clutch makes a nasty grinding noise if you let it out too fast in 1st gear when you've got the engine revving. Apparently this is a "known" issue (but doesn't make me feel any better about it).
more details on this particular quirk is here..
In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man has poor depth perception and shouldn't be riding.
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Old 16-12-2008, 08:28 PM
sysop sysop is offline
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Default Clutch issues

I am presently doing battle with BMW over this very issue!
My feeling is your bike is either a 2006 or 2007 model??

The rattle IS due to the springs in the clutch basket breaking & rattling, I think there is a total of 6 springs.
This is a known BMW clutch issue but it seems that no BMW official will go “on the record” about it.

The basket WILL have to be replaced; the total clutch, plates & all should be replaced under warranty as a WHOLE unit, don’t accept a partial replacement, either basket or plates…insist the WHOLE clutch be replaced.

There are other threads stating that the clutch push rod replaced for a re engineered unit, I would assume this will be replaced also, DO bring this into the equation.

Right behind the clutch basket is a drive cog for the OIL PUMP, there is also an issue with this making noise, BMW have revised the design of this to a THINNER cog….need I say any more? The new “THINNER” sprocket p/n is 11267675452
If you can, try get this replaced under warranty at the same time the clutch replacement is being carried out.

If BMW will not give you a “new THINNER cog” under warranty purchase the “THINNER cog” yourself its only around $40.00 then have the mechanics replace it for you while the clutch is out, also have them re-tension the OIL PUMP chain to the factory specifications, I suspect this re-tension will become an issue further down the line…

I would also recommend switching oils from traditional Dino oil to AMSOIL 10W-40 fully Synthetic oil. dont forget a new oil filter!
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Old 16-12-2008, 11:26 PM
bmwmonkeyboy bmwmonkeyboy is offline
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Default The not so robust BMW K1200s clutch

Hello sysop,

Sorry to hear your having to battle with BMW ref the defective clutch. My first bike was a 2005 model which i had 4 clutches, there was never a mention ref the drive cog for oil pump. Mine rattled very briefly on start up but not in normal use. It would create a judder as you let the clutch lever out and it take up the power. My second bike is a 2008 which also did the same but the juddering was so much worse than the 2005.

With this i phoned the Trading Standards, and informed them. They advised me to return the bike to the dealer. I did this as well as called BMW Finanace and UK Customer Services.

Trading Standards said i needed to give the dealership the opertunity to resolve the issue. As it happened they had just come up with solution to the clutch judder. They fitted a complete clutch system, new clutch basket, plates and friction pads. I threatend that if it did not work correctly i would return the bike.

As i did not return the bike with 30 days of purchase i could not 'Reject' the bike.

How long have you had the bike and did you buy through the dealership?
Which dealers did you buy from?
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Old 17-12-2008, 08:55 AM
sysop sysop is offline
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Default Hello BMWmonkeyboy

Hello BMWMonkeyBoy

Thanks for your input to BMW Warranty issues.

What a shame the end user is substantially out of pocket, with a defective product, then has to have trading standards brought into the equation to get resolution, what’s going on here?

Should all end-users with BMW claims sign a petition and deliver it to
Adrian Roderick, General Manager of BMW Motorrad UK, or the General Manager of whatever territory is relevant to the warranty claim?

More ideas/discussions on this idea please from all readers!!

I am reluctant to name and shame at this point, once this "BATTLE" has terminated I will then post more details.

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