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Old 11-02-2010, 10:18 AM
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Default Bar-end weights, How To

I recently bought a CBR600F 1996 vintage, anyway to cut a long story short, it needs a few minor repairs, one of which was replacing the left hand clip on and both bar-end weights.
I did a search, which revealed the bar-end weight problems.

Ok I know Iím probably teaching my grandma to suck eggs but I couldnít find a complete write up on it. So here is my solution to fitting aftermarket bar-end weights, of the shove Ďem in and tighten them up variety.


Firstly remove clip-on from bike and place in vice!
There is hole at the top end (the bit nearest the clamp), of the clip-on, get some 3-in-1 or WD40 in there to lubricate the bar-weight!

Removing the OEM Weights
As far as I could see theyíre held in with some kind of circlip and rubber bung. Well I tried compressing the circlip and pulling everything out, after much swearing and stomping around I decided this wasnít going to work.
As I already had the new bar-ends and a spare clip-on I thought Iíd be a bit more brutal.
You could screw a bolt into the exposed bar-end and tighten it up, but as I was only concerned with getting the bar-weight out, I just jammed an old screw driver in the hole and turned it around.
Take a nail punch, and via the two holes, in the clip-on, give the circlip a good whack, to compress the tangs.
Turn the bar-weight around; you will see that the circlip moves around inside the clip-on.
You should now be able to see the rubber bung through the two holes.
Insert a 4mm drill into hole, and start drilling, you will eventually drill through to the threaded hole.
Remove drill, turn the bar-weight around a bit more and drill another hole, repeat this process 4 or five times. I drilled five holes before the bar-weight collapsed! You should now be able to remove the threaded section of the bar-weight along with the circlip.
Whilst drilling you will damage the rubber bung, this is a good thing, take some long nose pliers get a grip of the remains of the rubber bung and pull it out.
The only thing holding the, remains, of the bar-weight in the clip-on is friction I took the clip-on out of the vice and thumped the open on a piece of wood, the weight fell out!

Inserting New Bar-Ends
Ok now you have, removed a bar-weight you can now insert some new OEM weights and bar-ends or, as in my case fit your aftermarket ones.
My new bar-ends are of the, very heavy, stainless steel variety, they have a hole drilled through the middle, and there is a rubber bung and nut on the Allen screw running through the middle. They fit inside the clip-on, you tighten the Allen screw the bung is compressed and friction holds them in place.
Including the Allen screw 55mm of the bar-end weight fitted inside the clip-on. The remains of the bar-weight plus 55mm was too long to fit inside the clip-on.
To make the bar-end and the bar-weight fit inside the clip-on you will need to remove metal from either your nice new bar-end or the bar-weight you have just mangled.
As the remains of the bar-weight had a pretty ragged end, from drilling it out, I decided to remove metal from the bar-weight.
Using a long thin instrument, (I used a BBQ skewer) measure the depth of the clip-on, measure the length of the bar-end that will sit inside the clip-on, measure the length of the remains of your bar-weight
Now you can work out how much metal needs to be removed from the bar-weight.
I came up with a figure then added an extra 5mm, for a bit of clearance.
Cut the bar-weight to the correct length, (itís a soft alloy so itís easily cut with a hacksaw), insert it into clip-on.
You will notice that you now have a slight problem, despite the plastic spacer, (at the top end of the bar-weight); it will now rattle around inside the clip-on.
I thought about fancier solutions but went with the silicon sealer option.
A couple of blobs of silicon around the cut end of the bar-weight will do the trick, shove the silicon into the gap around the bar-weight with a long thin screw driver or BBQ skewer. An extra blob will fill the 5mm clearance we talked about before.
Allow the silicon to set then Insert you new bar-end weights tighten up and voila your task is complete!

Have Fun!
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Old 11-02-2010, 12:55 PM
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Nice write up there.

If you had inserted the allen screw back in the threaded hole then a small jewellers size screwdriver into the bar to hold one part of the clip in, then pushed the other part of the clip in and pulled on the bolt it would have come out in a onener with a squirt of wd40 for lube.
Tights tight, too tights Fooked.
Says the skinny man.
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Old 25-02-2010, 08:45 PM
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how did u find it after i did this years ago same bike and its never been right since just lookin for another set of clip on weights now
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